Breakdown Services


The combination of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computer Tomography (CT) into a single system has resulted in unsurpassed diagnostic capabilities. This complicated, yet powerful combination can be stressful to implement in a cost-effective manner.

Contact a friendly Edge Medical Solutions associate today to find out how we can help bring a PET/CT system within reach.

  • Warranty, Service and Maintenance.
  • Dose Calibrators, Imaging Tables, Color Printers and More.
  • Dedicated Project Planning and Logistics Support.
  • Let Edge Medical Solutions simplify your new PET or PET/CT project. Our experienced project managers have the skill to help you through your next project on time and under-budget.

    Edge Medical Solutions can help you put together your next PET or PET/CT project. We provide system refurbishment, installations, warranty, training, site planning and financing. We can also provide you with a full line of accessories to make your PET purchase convenient and complete.